Ticker Symbol: METAL

Our Pledge: 6.66k ₳

Launched: 2021-06-24


The crypto space feels like the internet circa 1998; groundbreaking, bold, and out to change the world. Beyond the big names like Bitcoin or Ethereum, my favourite by far has been Cardano (ADA); a third-generation proof-of-stake blockchain. Its purpose isn’t just as another digital currency, rather, Cardano’s potential lies in its decentralized framework that will power the world of Dapps, DeFi, DIDs, NFTs, and “smart contracts”—programmable money—each transaction faithfully and transparently recorded to the blockchain.

Currently sitting at a US $40B+ market cap, I believe in Cardano’s ecosystem and its global potential and more importantly perhaps beyond the first world. Thus, I’m launching this stake pool (ticker: METAL) in hopes of fostering a community of rockers & metalheads who are also passionate about ADA. Let’s connect these spheres, forge friendships, and earn rewards in the process as a collective.

If you’re already on this freight train, please consider delegating your ADA. We also have some great incentives available for early-stage delegators. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss. And if you’re new to this: invest responsibly. This crypto game isn’t for the faint of heart—the ups and downs are wild—but if what’s to come is anything like what the internet was 25 years ago, it will yield incredible innovations.

A toast to the future,

Robert Cotter
CEO, Fixion Media

Fixion Media (est. 2006) is an advertising network that represents digital publishers in the hard rock & heavy metal space with a reach of 2.5 million users per month. The company is wholly owned by Blistering Media Inc., a federally chartered Canadian corporation based in the Montreal metropolitan area.


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